Thank You

Thank you to everyone who came to the conference and particularly to everyone who ran sessions. We had over 130 delegates aside from presenters, which made for another packed occasion. 88 delegates returned feedback forms, which were overwhelmingly positive. Amongst the most popular elements were the sharing of ideas, the resources, the input from industry presenters and the enthusiasm and ‘can-do’ attitude which was put across.

A number of requests for the future were made, some of which are things we have done already (such as workshops on particular topics from G325) and others which are not really possible in conferences of this size, such as hands-on workshops. People did ask for more on G325 section A and there are a couple of scripts on the blog with a commentary on the marks to aid this.

A few delegates felt that the quality of work on show was ‘unattainable’ by normal centres and that we should pitch things lower. I’d disagree with this most strongly, as I think it is very important that we keep aiming high and push our students to challenge them to produce the best possible work. Even with limited resources, a well organised course can produce outstanding results.

We hope to run the conference again next year and look forward to seeing everyone there.

Pete Fraser (Chief Examiner)

OCR Media Studies A level annual conference Friday 25 March, London

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